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Clean Burn Shape Testimonials

Lou Hagerty

Chrisse Merril

Alicia Brooks

People We’ve Worked With:

Co-Founder George Hall – Coronado, CA

Danae Hinich – Exercise Physiologist

Dr. Richard Garde – Chiropractor

Dr. John Golden, MD and Nina Golden, PT

Melissa Allison – Network Admin

Paul Chadwick – Realtor

Dr. Elizabeth Carter – Chiropractor

Teri Shaffer – Esthetician

Carrie Kudawa-Phipps – Health and Life Coach

Heather Groth O’Brien – Fitness Instructor

Jennifer Biddle – Realtor

Julie Orna – Personal Trainer

Synergy Kettlebell Gyms

Tom Marquez – Biomedical Engineer

Tammy Hiatt-Monaco – Life and Wellness Coach

Dr. Danuta Hoyer, MD

Nan and Gary Goodenow

Cy and Jacqui Basset

Doug Sandstedt – Vice President of Operations

Ian Golden – Entrepreneur

Dr. Alice Ogawa – Chiropractor

Dr. Sharon Olson, MD

Anne Herrick – Craniosacral Therapist

Anne – Mommy and Realtor